Price list 2019

The following prices refer to participation in one round in the year 2019 and are exclusive of value added tax (VAT).
For participants from outside the EU, customs charges may have to be paid by the recipient in the destination country.

Parameter group Samples Volume per sample € per round € Shipment costs
Major Ions (N145)(1) 2 2 * 500 mL 320,- (1)
Major Ions (N146 .. N149)(1) 2 2 * 500 mL 320,- (1)
Metals (M145)(1) 2 1 * 275 mL 320,- (1)
Metals (M146 .. M149)(1,2) 2 1 * 275 mL 320,-/350,-(2) (1)
Volatile Halogenated Hydrocarbons (C60, C61, C-CB06)(3) 2 1 * 600 mL 350,- (3)
BTEX and MTBE (B11) 2 1 * 600 mL 350,-    
BTEX and MTBE (B-CB06)(3) 2 1 * 600 mL 350,- (3)
Volatile Halogenated Hydrocarbons,
BTEX and MTBE (CB06)(3)
2 + 2 1 * 600 mL 620,- (3)
Herbicides and Pesticides (H103, H104, H105)(4) 2 2 * 300 mL
2 * 1 L
380,- (4)
Herbicides and Pesticides (H103, H104, H105)(4) 2 4 * 1 L(4) 380,- (4)
PAH (P20)(5) 2 2 * 1 L 380,- (5)
Hydrocarbon Oil Index (SP04)(5,6) 2 2 * 1 L 200,- (5,6)
Hydrocarbon Oil Index and
Phenol Index (SP04)(5,6)
2 + 2 2 * 1 L 325,- (5,6)
Industrial Chemicals and
Artificial Sweeteners (AZ6)
2 2 * 1 L 380,-    

Shipment costs for other countries: on request

(1) These shipment costs will be charged only once, when the interlaboratory comparison samples for major ions and metals can be sent together in one parcel.
(2) The higher price refers to round M147 with additional parameters.
(3) In round CB06 the extent of participation is selectable (VHH, BTEX&MTBE or both). Evaluation of the round will be carried out in a joint report.
(4) The listed sample volumes are available. Shipment costs are higher for 4 * 1 L.
(5) 24 hours delivery service is necessary for these samples.
(6) In round SP04 the extent of participation is selectable: hydrocarbon oil index and phenol index or
hydrocarbon oil index only (selection of phenol index only is not possible). Evaluation of SP04 will be carried out in a joint report.

Please note that your data will be passed on to Umweltbundesamt GmbH (Environment Agency Austria) when you register for an interlaboratory comparison with natural samples.

Additional service Price/bottle € Shipment costs
Trial sample (synthetic) A or B of former PT round on availability
table with reference concentrations included
45,- from 3rd bottle
see above


After having registered online or by fax, your registration will be confirmed by an e-mail specifying your dispatch dates and the prices payable for participation in the PT rounds.

For each order a collective invoice will be prepared which can also be sent to you by e-mail upon request (e-invoicing). Participation in the PT rounds is only possible after full payment has been received. You can contact us if you wish to receive individual (partial) invoices for the PT rounds. If you have any questions about the invoices and e-invoicing please do not hesitate to contact Ms Marianne Trauner, phone: +43(0) 1 47654 97003.


Participants will receive a written confirmation of participation where the z-scores criteria (s), the achieved z-scores and the recoveries are set out in tabular form.

All reports will be made available as pdf files on this website. They can be downloaded and printed.

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