Registration for the participation in our PT scheme can be done either online or via registraion form (pdf):

  • Contact: Ing. Caroline Stadlmann
    Phone: +43(0) 1 47654 97306
    Fax:     +43(0) 1 47654 97309
  • You can register for as many rounds as desired (programme). For organisational reasons, it is important that you register until two weeks before the respective shipping date.
    Please take notice of the price list, the general terms and conditions (GTC) and our information on GDPR. Your data will be passed on to the Environment Agency Austria (UBA, Umweltbundesamt GmbH) when you register for an interlaboratory comparison with natural samples.

    A few days after registration, each participant receives a confirmation of order. In that confirmation the dispatch as well as the prospective delivery dates are listed.
    We issue one invoice per order. Payment in parts will be accepted on request. For further questions please contact Ms Stefanie Wutka.

  • Contact: Frau Stefanie Wutka
    Phone: +43(0) 1 47654 973003
  • The deregistration of an ordered proficiency test within the first two weeks after the binding registration is free of charge.
    If a cancellation is made after this period or two weeks before dispatch, a handling fee will be charged.

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